Space the Game v2 is a 3-Dimensional “board game” of space warfare. All play is done in the space above the tabletop with pieces suspended in midair. So, yeah, no real board to speak of. However, it does have some physical playing pieces and you need some sort of physical surface. So, I deem it a board game. However, since it is not bound to a board or map, the playing field can extend infinitely in all directions. Kind of cool eh?

The play is a whole new genre in Gaming. Just the fact that it is all played in a physical 3D playing field unbound by any 2D references such as a map or a board is enough. However, on top of that, this is not another roll-and-move, card-based fantasy, roll playing, or strategic move game. Instead, STGv2 incorporates all of these together in a very simplistic manor. So, though STGv2 incorporates rules you have never seen before, within one round of play you will have enough understanding of the game to play without further instruction.

Getting you hands on a game

If you would like to view or start playing Space the Game v2, please follow the Order link for more details and pricing for Space the Game v2.